Treatment Abroad

Today treatment in Europe is quite popular among patients.
The CaspianMedical company abroad will help you to organize treatment. We have close contacts with the leading medical centers of Singapore and we will help to organize treatment at high level. Such cooperation gives our patients the chance of a choice only from the best medical institutions, techniques and specialists inspecific field, whether it be oncology, orthopedics, cardiology, neurosurgery, neurology, medical examination, obstetric aid,  Extracorporal fertilization, rehabilitation and recovery treatment and many other things.
Enters competence of our department:
  • Individual selection of clinic and the medical program depending on a disease;
  • Opportunity quickly to organize both planned, and emergency treatment;
  • Possibility of joint maintaining patient by the Kazakhstan and foreign experts;
  • The second opinion - opportunity to get independent advice of the foreign expert;
  • Visa support, organization of accommodation;
  • Maintenance by the highly skilled translator;
  • If necessary maintenance by the doctor in flight or individual transportation by sanitary aircraft;
  • Full confidentiality of all information.
Our advantages. Why it is worth going to treatment abroad through us?
  • Trust and complex service in the large medical company;
  • Ensuring continuity, possibility of receiving a full cycle of treatment, since preliminary stages of diagnostics and consultation in clinic of "CaspianMedical", passing of medical treatment abroad, further supervision and necessary rehabilitation in clinic of "CaspianMedical";
  • We care of you and we don't stop you conducting after return from abroad;
  • We act in your interests, but not in interests of clinic abroad;
  • Professional control of the preliminary plan and cost of treatment - regarding expediency and a rationality;
  • With many clinics we have an arrangement on a discount for treatment, as is our commission. Thus, you pay the same cost as if you have addressed to clinic directly, but thus you receive the whole package of organizational services, quality and control;
  • The highest quality of treatment. We offer you treatment options at the experts, best in required area, in the checked clinics. 
Your health and wellbeing – our main care.
Our experts from Department of the International Cooperation of "CaspianMedical" will be glad to help you and to answer all interesting questions by phone +7 (71222) 50 03 03 or e-mail:

contact person – Salynina Darya Vladimirovna.