Therapists in our clinic are ready to help you in treatment of acute and active chronic somatic diseases, prescribe relevant referrals to laboratory and function tests and also send for consultation to highly specialized doctors of the medical center.

You can address to a therapist in following situations:
  •           diseases of the respiratory system: ARVI, acute and chronic bronchitis, pneumonias, bronchial asthma;

  •           vascular heart diseases: hypertensive disease, ischemic heart disease, myocarditis, heart rhythm disturbance, abnormalities of heart, vegetovascular dystonia;

  • digestive system diseases: gastroesophageal reflux disease, gastritis, peptic ulcer diseases, liver, pancreas and intestinal tract diseases;
  •           arthropathy;

  •           blood diseases.

If you suffer from acid indigestion or cough, elevated blood pressure or your joints are aching, you have chest pain or costiveness, prolonged high temperature or you have concerns about lack of energy and rapid fatigability — you can address to the therapist and you will be provided with a personal examination plan and optimal treatment

We can offer examination both on an outpatient basis and day patient facility mode, and also hospitalization to the in-patient clinic if required,   both in planned and in an urgent order. In our clinic you can take practically all types of laboratory tests.


We are ready to offer you such types of diagnostics as ultrasound scan of abdominal cavity organs, EchoCG, ECG, all types of X-ray examinations, etc.