Programs of МS

Yearly Service Programs

When planning our future we frequently benchmark certain financial goals for ourselves: obtainment of respectable education, purchase of a vehicle, purchase of an apartment and other. But along with this every one of us does not tend to think about unpleasant events related to health and life, which can interfere with achievement of set goals. And certainly it is difficult to think about accidents from financial point of view. We all hope that such kind of situations will stay away from us and our families. But each person should understand that he lives not for himself, that he has close people and relatives, who depend on him. Therefore assuming any obligations, especially financial, we should think that all of us are mortal, and that nobody is insured from sudden sickness or accident, the unpleasant financial implications of which may be liabilities imposed on close relatives.

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«Future mother» support program for physiological pregnancy

Pregnancy is a long expected event in the life of a woman, difficult physiological process. The following changes take place in the female body: hormonal, immune, self-esteem and psycho-emotional state changes, as a result of which the woman prepares herself for maternity.
Support of pregnancy in Caspian Medical is one of fields, in which our clinic its engaged. For forty weeks experienced obstetrician-gynecologists of our clinic take care of health of mother and her future child. Birth of a healthy child directly depends on how pregnancy will proceed. Our gynecologists, who deal with pregnancy, accumulated unique experience in pregnancy support.

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«Baby» programs

“Baby” program is intended for servicing of our smallest customers and includes all options necessary for preservation of health of your child. It is not a secret that correct care about child requires great amount of knowledge and skills, which come only with experience. Therefore when you sign a medical service agreement with us we will provide you with an experienced pediatrician, who will teach you everything, what you should know about childcare and will help protect his health for years to come.
Besides that, we have especially designed our program in such a way that all routine examination and treatment methods are applied by our specialists exclusively under home conditions. This allows avoiding unnecessary movement of a child throughout the city and undesirable contacts with other children during visit to the clinic.
In case you bring along a second child from the same family for servicing discounts apply!

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