There is an ophthalmology room available in “Caspian Medical” clinic for those people who want to resolve their problems with poor eyesight.
The room is equipped with modern, last generation diagnostic equipment and represents harmonic combination of advanced world technologies, the latest achievements of local ophthalmology and high qualification of medical personnel.
We are ready to offer you prompt, painless and effective treatment and diagnostics of the following disorders:

  •           Visual impairments and ophthalmalgia;

  •           Conjunctivitis;

  •           Impairments and glaucoma of vitreous body;

  •           Refringence and accommodation disorder;

  • keratitis;
  • chalazion, hordeolum, blepharitis, non-contagious dermatosis of eyelids and other eyelids disorders;
  •           injuries and diseases of an eye pit, lacrimal apparatus, crystalline lens, sclera and keratoderma;

  •           injury of ciliary apparatus and iris;

  • chorioretinal inflammation;
  • retina and choroid impairments;
  •           different eye ball impairments.