About «Caspian Medical» company

«Caspian Medical» LLP is a rapidly developing medical service company. Its basic field of activity is provision of quality medical aid to residents and guests of Atyrau city. Medical service is based on contemporary management standards and on aspects of evidence based medicine. The company has a team of highly qualified specialists, who underwent customer servicing training. Caspian Medical is based in Atyrau and operates in all regions in Kazakhstan. Our partners are leading medical institutions of Kazakhstan, where we provide service to our customers.
A recipe for success of “Caspian Medical” is a system of personal doctors, which is based on thoroughly worked out and individually oriented programs of guiding a patient during the whole period of service, which programs include thoroughly thought through urgent and scheduled treatment, preventive examinations, rehabilitation of present sicknesses, follow-up care as well as personal program for identification of individual risk factors. “Caspian Medical” doctors manage health of staff through not only solving tactical tasks but also preventing morbidity rate thereby increasing efficiency of labor resource.

Why Medical Service in “Caspian Medical”?


  • high quality service;
  • diagnostics on the newest equipment;
  • involvement of highly qualified specialists;
  • availability of monitoring and quality department;
  • acceptable prices;
  • schedule of doctors work convenient for customers' calls;
  • electronic client database;
  • quick and approrpiate examination by qualified personnel;
  • wide coverage program;
  • individually selected programs;
  • registration for appointment at a time convenient for customers.

Overall friendly atmosphere and attentive attitude of medical personnel create comfortable conditions for treatment and prevention of different sicknesses with application of advanced systems for management of medical aid scope and quality.

Innovations of «Caspian Medical»


Possibility of applying specially developed database, which allows not only to store information, but also to select therefrom data upon specific request. Besides, in case of loss it allows to quickly and reliably restore sickness records.
In case of a prolonged break in treatment it is possible to restore the whole picture of patient's sickness through retrieval from the database of information pertaining to patient.

Regional coverage


  • Wide network of regional branches and representative offices in the Republic of Kazakhstan (presence in more than 10 largest cities of the Republic of Kazakhstan).
  • Common servicing standards in all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • High quality outpatient-clinical service in medical institutions with possibility of free attendance by specialists in any of specified institutions in medical network.